About The Feldenkrais Method

Feldenkrais is a method of movement re-education named after the man who developed it, Moshe Feldenkrais. In trying to heal his own serious knee injury, Dr. Feldenkrais, scientist and athlete, came to understand that until he changed how he moved, his injury would continue to worsen. Dr. Feldenkrais was one of the early proponents of the concept of brain plasticity -- that our brains control our movement and that through movement with attention we can change how our brains are wired and therefore how we move. 

When we have more options for movements we can move with more ease and less pain. 

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why choose the feldenkrais method

  • Eliminate pain and discomfort
  • Improve brain fitness and physical intelligence
  • Move smarter, easier and younger
  • Replace limiting habits with comfortable patterns of movement
  • Heal faster and more completely from injuries
  • Discover natural good posture and better balance
  • Restore lost function due to neurological issues

how it works

There are two modalities in this method:

Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®): In ATM lessons, the teacher verbally guides you through a sequence of gentle movements intended to help you develop a greater awareness through how you move. These lessons occur in a group setting. 

Functional Integration® (FI®): The intention is the same for individual lessons, but they are one-on-one sessions tailored to meet the individual student's needs. The student is usually lying or sitting on a low table (fully clothed), and the practitioner uses gentle hands-on communication as well as verbal instruction to help guide awareness and learning. 

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Kate Pilgrim, Teacher

Kate spent most of her working years as a writer/editor, sitting in front of her computer for hours at a stretch racing against deadlines. After hours she danced. But in 2006, chronic back pain kept her off the dance floor and led her to her first Awareness Through Movement®(ATM®) lesson. The rest is history. Kate enrolled in the Feldenkrais practitioner training, which she completed in December 2013. As a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher®, Kate continues to study the method and enrich her understanding of this deep and life-changing method of sensory education. Not only is she out of pain, but the method also helped make her a better dancer! Kate lives in Athens, GA where she teaches, dances, and enjoys her new back.